Australia Photocopier & Printer choice

Are you in the market for a new printer or syndey photocopier machine and not sure where to start or what machine would best suite your office needs. This is very comm0n and generally pricing and recommondations from the sales reps determine what the average business chooses as there new machine. Photocopiers NSW.

Which manufacturer to choose

Sharpes, Kyocera, Canon, Lancier, Xerox and many more are some of the brands you may be looking at buying SPL. There are so many out there it can literally be a nightmare working out exactly what will be the most time effective and financialy effective choice for your office.

Each of the manufactorers listed above have there negatives and positives examples Xerox have great quality print but are by far the most expensive of the lot, Kyocera are the cheapest but do not have as good quality of print as the rest. This equates to really what are your office needs when it comes to office printing and photocopying. Phone Sex Australia

How many quotes should i get?

Some of the slimmiest sales people on planet earth operate in this industry and getting quotes can be an absolute nightmare. This industry is known for unethical rough aggressive sales practices. We always recommend getting at least three quotes before purchasing and having an accountant look over the quotes you are considering.

So if you need help in making a descision we are happy to run you through all the makes and models advantages and disadvantages, Kyocera, Sharpes, Panasonic, Xerox, and much more. The new advances in technology have seen a switch into MFP multi function photocopier machines. This can be where the real savings begin. An all in one machine can do anything from send and email take a voice message and appropriate to the right office station to even sending a voice automated fax.